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Christmas greetings Empty Christmas greetings

Post by Cam on Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:16 am

Hey Cam here with the assistance of Ray.

Happy Christmas to everyone. It is so exciting to be spending the first Xmas with Ray. He is the best Christmas present ever. I am glad that Ray and Maya are communicating and being open.

We are all set for a great Xmas dinner; salad, fruit salad, chicken, stuffing, pavalova, ambrosia, cheeses, dips, chips and crackers. Pretty much food for an army.

Ray loved his present from me: a three set of powerful laser lights.

Ray gave me a boxed gift set from The Body Shop - Body Butter, Exfoliating Scrub, a perfume and a body exfoliating glove. All personas are welcome to use these things but I do ask that the box is treated respectfully and not altered or decorated as I wish to keep it.

We have guests from Xmas dinner, Angel is here, Nola will be arriving mid morning and we should also acknowledge the spirits of our loved ones who are also with us. Jennifer Lillian has an orchid in here honor that can normally be found on the dressing table in the main bedroom - that will be joining us at the dinner table.

I am doing waist training today.

Ray is uploading an avatar for me shortly - a biohazard symbol to match a necklace I wear.

Ems also has a necklace to identify her persona - a silver chain with the word Princess hanging from it. Quite fitting given that Ray refers to Ems as "my little princess" I guess an avatar will go up for her soon also.

I have instructed Ray to put his gloves on and go outside to re pot the plant he shares with M.I.A.


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Christmas greetings Empty Re: Christmas greetings

Post by Ray on Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:29 am

Merry Christmas Cam and all our other personas too. I really hope you all enjoy your day.

Today is a special day. A family Christmas is something that has not been common for me so I am really looking forward to spending it with my loving fiance, her mother and daughter.

I feel a little out done on the present score but I truly appreciate the lengths that everyone has gone to to make sure I was spoiled rotten.

We put the Christmas tree on the floor late last night and strung the blue LED lights on it some time thismorning. They look pretty good. The presents are all under the tree (sadly poor little Mo is locked in the office until after presents have been opened as he is incapable of not destroying things)

Have a great day everyone, I need to get moving as the list of tasks allocated to me seems to be growing and the taskmaster is not known for patience. 


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