Welcome M.I.A. darlings:)

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Welcome M.I.A. darlings:) Empty Welcome M.I.A. darlings:)

Post by Maya on Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:46 pm

M.I.A. and Star
In person, I think my name for my partner will be Star. Of course because I love the name Star.


Thank you for sharing your story darling, - I love the way you write and it makes my heart melt and my lips smile to read your words. You are my child now, but yes i hear your anguish regarding the loss of your birth mother, she was and is the Queen.

First things first: thank you for all your efforts and achievements regarding our new home, i love it and look forward to the arrival of my throne. I can already see myself on it, - i love that you've improved on the version i proposed to you and the addition of stirrups etc. Im trying to decide what to wear today, but in my mind my chair is already here and I'm able to be on my throne naked and clean, perfecting my make up while spread-legged for my kittens to my vagina. They will all need to be educated, in theory as well as practice so they are lucky I'm a queen that is passionate and even involved in education. I will be happy to allow the kittens to practice their techniques on myself and be graded and rated accordingly. To allow them to better themselves I'll be dilligent enough to give them homework regarding what they need to improve on, and what they excell at they will be rewarded for.

I'm a beauteous and kind Queen my darling Ray, so of course you have my full permission to be over-possessive of your adored Mummy, to boss around the kittens where it comes to my concerns, needs and high expectations. For you to access my breasts to suckle on whenever you want, even if it's inconvenient or innappropriate timing my darling. But access to Mummy's private parts down below is restricted to very special treats or rewards, its something you need permission to get. Of course, there are some exceptions in regards to kitten training and of course I am extremely invasive of you as well, I definitely want to see all of these skills you have aquired. We will put to good use your abilities in butt and vagina training, and the use of all these copious tools and toys. I'm sure theres a lot more ideas you will have that you'd like to incorporate and I'm very much looking forward to hearing them - well in this case reading them.


It's optional for you to include illustrations of the tools or toys you name but you will need to attatch them at a later date. It's important
that your answer is clear, precise and informative.

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Welcome M.I.A. darlings:) Empty Re: Welcome M.I.A. darlings:)

Post by Ray on Tue Nov 17, 2015 7:20 pm

My dearest M.I.A
Thank you for taking the time and effort to write here.

I am glad that you are enjoying our new home and can only hope we all continue to do so for a long time.

At this point my responses require some consideration however I will reply fully over the next 24 hours.

For the sake of clarity, precisely which personas do you consider to be the "kittens"? I am loathe to make assumptions and end up creating confusion rather than understanding.


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