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Post by M.I.A. on Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:59 am

Lol and hello... want to get your mind screwed with?  Because i will confuse and distress your mind with every fibre of my being darlings.  You will never see another post on here that is a true representation of the persona I'm writing posts under, except sometimes maybe I might be.  You will never know.

I'm taking a tool that has been used against me to use against.  Any ability to get to know me through this forum doesn't exist.  Fact and fiction are being twisted and have been for some time.  

I might be M.I.A. protecting myself from having been backed into a corner and having choices removed from me that pertain to my own self or I might be someone that is protecting M.I.A.  Once again, you will never know.

Maybe I'm infected with anger and have lost control, or maybe I am completely disassociated from feelings and merely sabotaging and discrediting anything written here.  Maybe I'm making a complete display of myself for others amusement or entertainment, but maybe I want to be a display of amusement or entertainment.  Maybe it suits my purposes or maybe it is causing me traumas unknown.

If anything of this sort is ever attempted in future I would impose a condition that I have within close range a set of instructions that would give me the option of editing or deleting my own posts.

That power was removed from me and my feelings were disregarded.  Therefore this forum became a negative in my journey instead of a positive.  It became a situation where I felt I was being victimized and trust destroyed.  Maybe I purposely walked into that situation to test if someone was worthy of being trusted and they failed or maybe I was a true victim.  Once again, you will never know. 

If i receive a reply, maybe I will answer it for my own amusement or maybe I won't.  Maybe my answer will consist of falsehoods, or maybe it will be truthful.  It could also consist of fiction and non fiction mixed.  Fourthly it could be edited, added to, or altered by an outside party.  

In conclusion this forum is a complete utter waste of time.


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