uh oh i think i just accidently deleted everything instead of posting it:0

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uh oh i think i just accidently deleted everything instead of posting it:0

Post by Cam on Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:16 am

treadmill 2 and a half km, 
2 kms = 24 mins 50 secs and the last half a km took 7 minutes

Oh no, I think I just deleted my post by accident cos it just disappeared Rolling Eyes

So Ray was out of sorts yesterday, because of his health.  he  was wheezy and coughing and had a sore tummy, and he also had cramps, I massaged him to sleep with the massage wand on his back, for about 25 minutes.  but I brushed past his feet when I went to walk out and rewoke him. i hope hes feeling better today.

Ray was so kind as to pick up angel from the rail station so she stayed the night and the plan is to get her back on the bus tonight, she wants to stay here and maybe I should talk to Ray and see if itd be ok for her to stay the 4 days until xmas, then when mum comes down she can take Angel back with her.

Id reallly love it if my brother made it down too, its been ages since Ive seen him and i miss him heaps.

Ive got another post to put up but in a different catergory but I havnt got time so itll have to get done at a later date.

I dont get how to work the camera on the tripod, if anyone could help me with that please, id like to take some photos and download them onto the computer, but im a  bit slack brained and cant figure it out.

Paper Pulp Project of the week
*RUBBISH BIN   made from pulp, and for the kitchen bench.
Im low on ideas lol i need to either register again for trade me or keep trying to find my old trade me account and order the full sized mannequin.  all I can do is mold each invidual limb and piece of body then rejoin them when everything was done, Im really obsessed on doing this real life sized project and lots of the time im just itching to start it up.
replanted the lavender from its original pot into a bucket with drainage holes burnt in at the bottom.  
and I bought a plant at the supermarket when Ray took me to pita pit, and I wanted it to be a plant fo


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Re: uh oh i think i just accidently deleted everything instead of posting it:0

Post by Ray on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:57 am

Thanks Cam.
It's great to see input from you here.

My apologies for largely excluding myself from yesterday. I was (as you pointed to) hugely out of sorts and was acutely aware that trying to interact would have a detrimental impact.

I am really stoked on your decision to have Angel last night and through until Xmas. I really think there is a need for us to deliver on what we promise and reading between the lines I suspect there is a case of her needing her mum at Xmas as well. Whatever the reasoning it is a decision you can be proud of.

Operating the camera is easy enough. I'll help you with that at some stage when you are ready.

If you can provide me with the trade me listing for the mannequin you are wanting I'll organise it.

Talk soon

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