The first communication

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The first communication Empty The first communication

Post by Maya on Sun Oct 25, 2015 4:56 am

hullo darlings:) this ALLPERSONAS FORUM is for all of the personas of RAY & MAYA. We have decided to start this forum as what we hope to be an improved version of the communication book.
except the communication book was only for MAYA'S personas and this online forum is for everyone to write in a diary entry about whats happening in their time portion.
its also a tool for more effective communication, understanding and acheivements.
If its used then there will be a far greater understanding, and anything that needs to be re-remembered can be looked up quickly and easily.
i hope this becomes something that will abilitate everyone to improve their life and time frame.

Thanks MAYA.
There may be a little bit of trial and error here for a short time as we arrive at solutions or rules that will work for all. Like MAYA I believe there is a lot to be gained by achieving greater understanding and clarity. I know I have written in the communication book ONCE in over six months and I think another of mine may have used it twice. These forums can be accessed on any internet connection (including cell phone) and we will be bookmarking them and leaving reminders of the forum and how to get here as we can possibly dream up.
Diary entries like this are totally new to me - I keep a comprehensive work diary but that is for me and me alone so sharing it all with others is new and I suspect might not seem so easy......however for the stability of our systems and the relationship they share it is a small price to pay.
If any have issues or questions just PM me here or contact me through MAYA - she knows how to find me 24/7


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